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I Offer Bucket Lists

What is your soccer dream? If you have an itch to fulfill a few soccer bucket list adventures in Brazil, grab Savoring Joga Bonito: The World Cup 2014 Bucket List for Fans.

Savoring Joga Bonito is a pair of downloadable books tailored to soccer enthusiasts visiting Brazil during and after World Cup 2014. Teaming up with club historians, bloggers and other members of the local, Brazilian soccer community, I provide readers with the best soccer bars to watch matches, beautiful game landmarks to visit, places to get in on pick-up games and restaurants frequented by soccer legends. Currently, Rio and São Paulo editions are on sale. Purchase them for $3.99 at Gumroad or Amazon.


Sometimes passions and goals can take you on a journey of hills and valleys. I find that seeing the fun factor in every situation can present you with some unique opportunities and provide you creative solutions to challenges.

Here's a fun soccer trick that I did with an American football, and it earned me a highlight in Pizza Hut's 2013 Super Bowl commercial.


Whether you call it soccer, futbol, futebol or football, I make it my mission to pass along useful information that will help you get in the game to create a new beautiful game experience.

Want to save a few bucks on match tickets? Here's some insight I shared in this U.S. News & World Report article.


How can I use my experiences with the world's favorite sport to help others in fun and creative ways? The answer to this question constantly changes.

One of my responses to this call to action include:
* Introducing the sport to youth in afterschool programs as highlighted in this TV One Our World with Black Enterprise segment.


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Everyone has their own path to their passion. For me, it started in a Los Angeles park with a group of African, Latin American and Caribbean guys. Learn the story in my TEDx Talk, Embrace the Universal Language of Soccer.